Saturday, March 07, 2009

On A Personal Note, Partt II

As most of you know, life hasn't been going so well. The housing situation continues to deteriorate, someone has been poisoning the dogs in the neighborhood as well as trying to cut the neck of youngest dog who is never out the yard, my favorite Blackdog decided on Monday that the payoff in life wasn't worth the pain and trauma Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art, my health has taken a serious turn for the worse, I caught two "friends" lying to me as they think I'm too stupid to notice that their stories weren't consistent and in both instances information came back to me through separate sources who could only have found out by these two repeating private information Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art, and my family thinks that all I have to do is twitch my nose and everything will be all better.

Mom (the old lady with vascular dementia and the beginnings of Alzheimer's, the one they are going to take away from me unless I find us a new home) has thrown away more of my clothes so I'm down to a few jeans, some old tee shirts and very little underwear, the dogs will be out of food next week and the payday loan I stupidly took out to pay the last trumped up notice from my landlord is coming due in two days and I forgot to turn in my time card. Meanwhile mom and I are still being evicted with no explanation. I just talked with someone in the park who is two months behind on their rent and they don't even have a notice. As do neither the practicing prostitute nor the three child molesters.

Our rent was paid until they stopped taking it, when we didn't leave right away someone stuck nails in the sides of three of my tires on the same night and now we have an influx of mice out of nowhere. Can we say harassment? I have no running water to take care of my plants because there was an underground pipe break in the yard and they used my garden hose as a substitute pipe and then made me pay the extra hundred dollars in the water bill. The break was in December and they refuse to fix anything in the place until we're gone. This is a major mistake on their part because I have pictures that I will show the judge and it is going to cost them so much money to fix what's broken that they can't possibly make their money back for at least three years. I almost, but not quite, feel sorry for them.

One brother is still MIA (coming up on a year, mom is just another responsibility he's avoiding) and the other is so stressed that he can't help and his suggestions apply more to strangers than to family. If we move out of California Mom loses some medical benefits and I lose all of mine but we can't afford to stay here. It is impossible to live in California for less than $2000 a month and at this point we are well short of that.

I can't do what Blackdog Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art did and I certainly understand why he felt the need, but if a car spun out in front of me I doubt seriously if I would move out of the way. Unless I thought it was going to hurt and then I might think about mitigating the damage.

I hate to do it but I had to put a donation button back up. I know that no one can help us get out of California at the moment but I'm literally down to my last $18 and don't expect to receive any more until around the 25th. I'm just so glad I grew up and went back to school. Too bad it only made things worse. If I stayed at Universal Studios I could have one of those false retirement pensions like lots of other people who put in twenty to thirty years at the same company.

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