Sunday, March 01, 2009

Penny Wise And Pound Foolish

Either the fish run out of water or we run out of food.  400,000 of 611,000 acres of farming land lying fallow.  80,000 jobs are expected to be lost this year alone and the harm will continue to spread.  This is going to be a global problem in short order and fun times will not be had by all.  Or even many.

Ah yes, the glories of the American business model.  Form working at Universal Studios where they cut back the secretaries health benefits and overtime to cut costs while having weekly champagne parties for producers and subsidized executive housing loans at less than three percent, nothing much has changed in the work world.  Lay off employess at the bottom, give the people at the top a bonus.  And if they do manage to sell the company, all they've sold is blue sky since the people who did the production work won't be working there to make anything to sell.  And then there won't be any people to buy the products but nobody seems to think that far ahead.  Until it's too late.

Flambeing their own.  I hope crow tastes as bad as it sounds.  When the Republicans get around to blaming themselves for being willing and active participants in the destruction of their party and learn that saying no reflexively is not what the American people want to hear, they might be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become a respectable party again.  That would mean ignoring the Coulters, Malkins and Limbaughs and since hate seems to be more comfortable for them, I don't hold out much hope for change.

Conservatives want the border fence so that illegal immigrants can't sneak in and take jobs nobody else wants.  Meanwhile the border seems to have more serious problems such as kidnappings, home invasions and executions.  So, in typical fashion, Congress is going to hold hearings on the whether we're prepared to defend ourselves if there is even more violence.  Right off hand I would have to say the answer is no as the National Guard and their equipment is off defending other countries on the other side of the world.

Goodbye Mr. Harvey.  While I didn't agree with all your politics you were a bright spot on the Armed Forces Radio when we were stationed in Germany.  For some reason you reminded us of home and between you and Kasey Kasem we listened to the both of you faithfully.  Thank you for helping us not to feel too lonely. Rest in peace, you will be missed.

So which was is it, 2003 or 2005?  The BBC article was a little confusing but research showed it was 2003.  I had front row seats for a Siegfried and Roy performance back in 1987 and I remember thinking "maybe a front row seat isn't the best place to be when you have an elephant on two legs looming over your head."  It was still a great show and it's nice to have them back even if it was for one show only.

I went to get my hair cut yesterday and as I looked for a place to park a guy came out of the barbershop and headed toward his car.  Out of nowhere this woman started to attack him in the middle of the street.  He didn't respond and tried to get into his car.  She wouldn't let him close the door and kept hitting and screaming at him.  I had a front row view because I was waiting for the space.  Another person left the shop and I circled around to get his space after I offered the poor guy my phone so he could call the police.  At no time did this man lift a finger towards this woman who was clearly out of control.

The police arrived in short order and the first thing they did was put the man in cuffs and put him in the back of the cruiser.  Then they talked to the woman, refused to take the statement of the witnesses watching and finally let the guy go after threatening him with arrest if he didn't wait down the block for the bus to pick him up.  Did I mention that the woman was Filipino and the man was black?  I asked the cop when I left and he said it was just a domestic disturbance and no charges would be filed against the woman.  I told him that just because she was ineffectual at that moment didn't mean she didn't need anger management classes and that the second time she had burst into the shop both the patrons and the workers were afraid she had a gun and would use it.  No response.  When I drove off they were impounding the guy's car and flirting with the woman.  As I told them when I passed them the last time was that if it had been the guy hitting the woman, he would have been in jail so fast his head would be spinning.  Which is why this is video is disturbing.  I guess might really does makes right.


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