Friday, March 27, 2009

Spin Me Right Round

For a good portion of my teen and young adult life I lived in the Lompoc area.  We started with Vandenberg AFB and then moved to Vandenberg Village which was halfway between the base and Lompoc.  As we would travel to visit Solvang, the La Purisima Mission was on our left and across from the most spectacular field of flowers just as you left town.  This quiet and beautiful place, so packed with history, is on the Governor's list of state parks to be closed.  How much more can this state lose and still offer a quality of life that makes it worth it for an individual to live here and pay higher taxes while corporations pay practically none?

Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of dealing with Nevada state employees.  It seems that if you call for information about their Medicaid program your name goes on a list and pretty soon all these associated agencies start calling you and offering their services.  When I first started looking I thought we were going to move to Las Vegas but still couldn't afford it.  The other day Medicaid called to check and see if I needed any help filling out the paperwork and I told them we were moving to Reno instead.  Two hours later the Reno office calls me and then yesterday an Alzheimer's group called and asked if they could send me an application for a grant for my mother to help make the move less traumatic and to help her out.  It's like being in the Twilight Zone but in a good way.  Oh, and did I mention that the energy company bills you for the deposit and if you can't pay it in one month they give you two?  They don't even have a state tax, do they put happy pills in the water?

Having been a child of the military and a veteran myself, I can say that universal health care works.  Sometimes slowly but it works and is much better than nothing at all.  Health care is a right for everyone and should not be reserved for the very rich or the very poor.  Unfortunately those in the middle have to either do without or pay so much that they have to do without other things in their lives such as saving for their child's college.  I've had insurance in the past but no longer qualify due to asthma and a tendency for kidney stones and have had to rely on the county health care system when either of those flares up.  All other problems I'm managing by myself but as I age that will only go so far.  Whatever the solution is, it shouldn't be to prop up the insurance companies and their mountains of paperwork.

Good thing DiSH has its moving program though they might not be any more financially stable than any other highly overpriced television provider either.  Tumbling dice is the best way to describe our economy.  And the reason they are still tumbling is because the board is slanted downhill.

Consumer spending may be up while income is down, but what did they spend what they don't have on?  The article never says.  It was too happy that the savings rate was above 4% for two months in a row.  The only people making money off of me are the banks.  Two days ago BofA said they would probably decide my case in my favor (photos, persistence, plus merchant fraud helped) but they still haven't refunded the $500 (or the $140 in fees yet) and California lowering my check by $101 with less than 24 hours warning has made me even more resolved to get the heck out of here.  If I'm going to make less money, I would rather know it ahead of time.

Plus, the people really do sound happy in Nevada.


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