Friday, April 24, 2009


Not to minimize anything that has happened, but this week has been sheer agony watching everyone tying themselves into knots either defending, advocating or being ashamed of the recently confirmed revelations of torture performed by US citizens against suspected, but not confirmed, terrorists.  I asked mom, the woman who grew up under Hitler's regime and had her home bombed above her by the Allies when she was a child, if she ever thought that these issues would come up again in her lifetime and she said "NEVER!" quite loudly.  She may have dementia and Alzheimer's may be robbing her of today, but she clearly remembered the travesties of her youth and the bogus arguments (I was just following orders) to justify the immoral behavior of the original Axis of Evil and was quite adamant about that these atrocities were never supposed to happen again.

Comedy isn't going to provide relief at this point but music doth soothe the savage beast.  Or at least it did in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  I love this album and when times were better I listened to it with a glass of champagne, some caviar and a bubble bath to start the new year off with a relaxing and sensual moment.  If only this was all it would take to cleanse our national palate.


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