Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Quickie

All I know about empathy I learned from Star Trek TOS.  Speaking of which, some of the Republicans bagging on Sotomayor definitely remind me of the Vians.  Add a couple of consonants and they could be villains since they are definitely no gems and certainly are not gentlemen.  Thanks to these bozos and their spiteful comments about activist judges, being a judge has become a dangerous occupation.

Ever since we walked on the moon I've been asking myself "when is the future going to get here?"  I grew up reading science fiction and truly believed that we would be vacationing on the moon and traveling to Mars by the year 2000.  It's 2009 and we can't even get across the country reliably or quickly, even more so if it's snowing.


  1. Westicance is futile all must bow down to to the Borgocrats...

  2. I'm used to it, I've had to bow down to the Rethuglicans for 8 years.