Saturday, May 02, 2009

Like A Rock

I was trolling around Craigslist looking for cheap furniture yesterday and came across an ad for a brand new futon in the box.  I drove out to pick it up and the best thing I can say about the purchase is that since the sales tax in Reno is only 7.75% it saved me money over purchasing it in California.

The mattress itself was wafer thin and I could feel every one of the metal parts that took me two hours and some cursing to put together.  It was so uncomfortable that I got up in the middle of the night and retrieved the air mattress.  Proving once again that you get what you pay for.  In this case $49.99 plus tax equals $53.78.  I'm heading out to look for something to make it a little more comfy.

And I thought my back hurt yesterday.  Sheesh, will I ever learn?



  1. The secret to making these things usable is to put thin sheets of plywood (or thick collapsed paper shipping boxes) over the metal rods or slats that are the base of the cotton batting "mattress". I deliberately have a futon in my living room to discourage relatives from coming to "visit", but have slept on it from time to time when moving because it's easy to move the futon to a new location (it disassembles into small pieces that I can fit into my car) as vs. the bed, which I cannot easily move and which has to wait for the movers. So me and the kittehs move to our new location, wait for the movers to get there with my *real* bed, and... ouch. Yeah, I have definitely learned about the ins and outs of how to comfortably (or as comfortably as possible) sleep on a futon.

  2. Thank you, that is very helpful. It just so happens I have cardboard boxes available.

  3. The Frogette and I had a futon (an expensive one) that we slept on when we moved into our condo, while we waited for a new bed. It was comfortable for about 2 weeks, and then just got worse and worse. Never again.

    Would one of those 'egg-crate' foam pads help?