Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Morning Quickies

The Supremes surprised me this morning.  I thought the decision on the strip search was going to be 8 to 1, in favor of the school not the girl.  Instead of Ruth Bader Ginsburg being the lone voice of reason, it turns out it was the sexual harasser who was the holdout in favor of humiliating a girl.  Somehow that isn't a surprise.

I agree, Johnny Depp is one cool dude but now the whole world (aka the IRS) knows the waiter made an extra $4000 in tips this year.  It would have been really cool if the poor guy didn't have to pay taxes on it, sort of like the politicians and bankers who manage not to pay their fair share of taxes.

Filling out the paperwork for student loans isn't hard, it's tedious.  Just like college. And unlike college it can be done online, at your leisure.  If the FAFSA has to be simplified for students to understand it, how do they think they are going to understand their classes?  Just wondering.

Senators (the usual suspects) are introducing legislation to insure that the Iranian people are able to evade censorship and Ahmadinejad is complaining that Obama is the one interfering.

Goodbye Farrah, you made many a teenage boy and quite a few older men happy by reviving the pinup poster in the seventies.  Your work after Charlie's Angels revealed a depth of character that had been overlooked and highlighted the issue of abused women.  Thank you for being you and rest in peace, you deserve it.


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