Thursday, July 09, 2009

Have You Seen?

Cankles.  They seem to be genetic which means the only time any member of my family will have fat ankles is if we suffer from congestive heart failure (only the right ankle will be swollen) or kidney failure (the left ankle will be swollen).  Good looking legs are a family trait.  One of the brothers is a long distance runner and the other has to buy pants to fit his thighs which means the waistband is always too large.  And while I may be overweight it doesn't show in my legs.  The injury (not a sprain, which can be prevented by doing improving your balance) and subsequent foot surgery affected the right calf so it isn't the same size as the left, but it is still muscular.  I'm fortunate to have the muscle definition that most women have to wear three inch heels to attain.  Unfortunately, my legs are rather short (27" inseam) so as one guy said "you have nice legs, it's a pity they aren't longer".  I don't know what his problem was, they reach to the floor.  Unless I'm sitting, in which case they dangle about two inches above.

The hip hop guide to neurobiology?  Smart kids with way too much time on their hands and a fertile imagination.  Let's give it up for Sarah Tonin.

Glee?  I finally watched the first episode at the Fox site and really enjoyed it.  The music rocked and if it continues in this mode a fun time will be had by all.

The Nun Study on Alzheimer's?  I first read about it when I was in school in 1998 and it's back in the news again.  Originally it was one guy tracking all the nuns for his doctoral thesis and it has morphed into something more.  In addition to language skills predicting your Alzheimer's risk, the original study also showed that incidences of head trauma also increase your dementia risk.  But anyone following the lives of football players and boxers could tell you that.

My jackpot money?  The lovely Bank of America extended the hold on the money until the fourteenth and been charging me overdraft fees.  They have sent me no paperwork to inform me of the hold, but they did send me an email informing me I need to make another deposit to avoid an extended overdraft fee.  After days of pleading and abasing myself, they refunded me most of the fees.  I'm 30 cents to the good now.  I can't afford to pay my bills despite having money in the bank and they are using that same money to generate income for themselves and trying to charge me extra fees while they do it.  I asked one of the supervisors I talked to why the hold was so long and she said "you haven't made a deposit that large before" and I said "yes, I have" (insurance payment from totaling the car) and she said "your daily balance doesn't reflect that".  Well, excuse me, that's what happens when one doesn't have a well paying job.  Why they think I'm going to use them as my bank after this baffles me.  Wankers.

On the other hand, one of the checks they honored (after two hours of cell time with Customer Support) was for the purchase of my car.  The one I sold a few weeks ago.  Returned reeking of stale cigarette smoke.  And I had to pay fifty dollars more than I sold it to the woman for, in addition to signing a contract where she supposedly had the right to repossess the car if the check was returned unpaid.  I don't think it would have held up in court since I've had the original pink slip the whole time, but I didn't want the hassle and besides, I had money in the bank.  All I wanted was my car back.  I'll put new tires on her, every maintenance I can think of, get her detailed and she should be good for a few more years.  Right after the bank credits my account with the money.


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