Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday Morning Observations

Sometimes you hear things that are so funny they are referred to as knee slappers.  Nothing had ever struck me like that until I read this.  I must have snickered for half an hour.  Webster's is going to have to redefine the definition of crazy.  It should be pretty easy, all they need is Bachmann's picture and a link to any news article that quotes her.  She almost makes Palin sound sane.  In Chinese Medicine the unnatural sheen to her eyes would make a practitioner refer to her as "shen disturbed" or as it's known in western medicine "bat-shit crazy". Malkin also has that glassy eyed look when she's ranting, ma belle they are not.

Joining them in the bat-shit crazy department is GOP Congressman Paul Broun.  He thinks the President is on his way to enacting a dictatorship.  Warrantless wiretapping, imprisoning people for years without a trial, torture and the destruction of civil liberties didn't bother him during the Bush administration but a civilian disaster response team, nonexistent gun control, and a national press corp that consistently reports and repeats the Rushpublican mantra as gospel give him the vapors.  The devil really did go down to Georgia and after he lost the golden fiddle he stayed once he realized that the politicians would sell their soul to keep their fellow man in poverty and despair while pretending it in the little people's best interests.

So the President wants the liberals to be good soldiers about abandoning the public option.  The country would be better served if he would man up and support the public option that two thirds of this country wants instead of pandering to lunatics, lobbyists and legislators who don't have a clue what it's like to try and survive during the jobless recovery.  First of all I already have been a good soldier but I'm not eligible for Veteran's healthcare.  Secondly, while I do have preexisting conditions (asthma and kidney problems) and have been turned down several times for insurance in the past, who cares if insurance companies will cover me when I can't afford the premiums, the out of pocket expenses or the co-pays?  If by some misfortune I develop a disease that requires more expensive medication what makes anyone think $300 a month for drugs is feasible?  Instead of the liberals compromising why don't you do what we want and what you promised during the election?  I barely voted for Obama in the first place, I will be more than happy to vote against him in a primary.

Interesting how bankers and economists are worried about consumers not contributing to the economic recovery and gloss over the fact that more employed people have to use food stamps in order to survive.  They seem to have missed the point that it's awfully hard to buy stuff when you don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.  9.7% unemployment and that doesn't take into account the underemployed or people who have dropped off the grid completely.  Remember, it's always dark before it goes completely black and any light you see at the end of the tunnel is likely to be the headlamp of an oncoming train.


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