Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Morning Geek Out

Zombies.  I wonder how much alcohol was involved.  Ooh, ooh, more zombies.  Why the heck are they so popular?  Piers Anthony at least made them funny.

In I Will Fear No Evil Robert Heinlein envisioned a world in 2015 where people lived in gated communities patrolled by private security forces to keep the riffraff out and the rich used their hovercraft to travel safely between them.  It's 2009 and hovercars are nowhere in sight, but gated communities patrolled by private security are here and being embraced by what's left of the middle class.  Mr. Heinlein grokked (spell check didn't even blink) the future pretty well.  The personal computer, the internet, Wikipedia and YouTube all appeared in his books long before they became reality.

The Dyson Sphere inspired some interesting science fiction, Larry Niven's Ringworld springs to mind as well as a plot device on Star Trek, and has always fascinated me, but not as much as the new Dyson fan.  No moving parts on the outside.  Just air in a cool rushing stream.  The price tag is a little steep, okay, it's way steep but if you have kids you don't have to worry about them sticking there hands between the blades.

If health insurers are operating with less than a five percent profit margin, why are the executives so handsomely overcompensated

Aspirin for dandruff, who knew?

Don't know what costume to wear for Halloween?  How about using your 42" flat screen and going as a working iPhone?  The whole getup weighs 85 pounds, but isn't worth it to win best costume?  Or maybe sushi is more your style.


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