Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Quickies

A tax break I can get behind and not only because I have two dogs.  Shai Shai saved mom's life many years ago.  She didn't do anything special, she gave mom something to believe in and care for after finding the body of a friend of hers.  Both my dogs lower my blood pressure and give me high quality love and affection.  In addition to reducing the blood pressure of their owners, dogs also require exercise and they enjoy etting it with their owners.  This helps owners lose weight because while it may take three weeks for exercise to become a habit for humans, for dogs it's about three days.  Cats are great too, I just find it impossible to breathe around them.

Booman, while Obama was a slightly better choice than the McCain/Palin ticket that doesn't make him the best president and when he consistently behaves the way I predicted he would, I reserve the right to point that out.  He is Bush lite and that isn't good for the country.  I'm happy he got the Nobel and I understand the committee's reasoning, but that doesn't make him the be all and end all.   Obama's latest volley at the people who supported him and naively expected he was going to help them instead of himself doesn't surprise me in the least.  If he wants us to be sycophants, he has another think coming.

I enjoy Dollhouse.  A lot.  Yeah you have to think and pay attention, but as much as I enjoy the alphabet shows I occasionally want a little more.  I find the supporting players and the premise on Dollhouse to be intensely interesting as well as thought provoking.  Watching Enver Gjokaj's portrayal of the character Kiki last week was absolutely brilliant and eminently believable.  And Topher?  My favorite.  As Boyd (Harry Lennix, the guy most likely to portray Obama in a future movie) points out, when Topher has ethical problems you know you're in trouble.

Here's hoping that Christian Slater doesn't become the new Eric Balfour (another one bites the dust, I like him but his track record sucks) of primetime television.  I enjoyed My Own Worst Enemy and was sad to see it go, but The Forgotten is a rehash of Cold Case except without the music.  Hopefully the characters will develop and the show might get a full season.

Orly, Orly, Orly.  You need a good psychiatrist.  And medication.  Lots of medication.  Something heavy duty like lithium to help ground you and bring you back to some semblance of reality.

Saturday night has been pizza night lately and it's been a lot of fun.  I make my own sauce, I vary the toppings and mom gobbles it up.  It's raining today so I think I'll make some homemade bread to go along with the split pea soup for dinner.  I've only made bread once before and I don't have a bread machine so I think I'll start with something easy.

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