Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I Don't Understand

Why should I, or anyone else, care that Nidal Hasan is paralyzed from the nipples down?  There are thirteen people who would be more than happy to trade places with him but they can't because they're dead.  By his hand.  If there was any justice he would have CRPS instead.

The new Air Force commercial.  The tag line is that "it's not science fiction, it's what we do every day".  On what planet?  At approximately 11 seconds in there are two moons on the horizon, how is this not science fiction?  Or a video game?

Why do more Americans attribute a bible saying to Obama than to the Bible?

The Plan.  Mao would be so...honored.  Statistically speaking, Glenn Beck's attempt at destroying America is doomed to fail.  Melanin impaired Americans are becoming a minority and all the ranting, raving, bigotry and hatred are not going to change that.  He can try to co-opt as many national holidays as he wants, he will never be the equal of Martin Luther King.   And so-called "voter education events" are laughable.  Self reliance and community organizing.  I thought he hated ACORN, now I see he's just jealous.

Hypocrisy.  Has the definition changed?  Inconceivable!  What I want to know is, how many Republicans used the abortion benefit before the cat was out of the bag?

Purity oaths?  The Republicans might find candidates who fulfill the requirements, but  they won't find a majority of voters who agree with them.  Sometimes young people are a little savvier than they are given credit for and more than likely won't vote against their own best interests.  They'll leave that job to the old people.


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