Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Harry Met Sally...And They Ate Bob

How did I miss this sad story?  I'm glad somebody wants them and that they weren't put down for their owner's stupidity.  Wanting to kill oneself is a  personal decision, but how could he leave his pugs locked up with his body without food and water?  How did he think they were going to survive?  Especially since most pugs get their exercise jogging to the food bowl.  It's sad that he left them with no other choice.

While dogs may not have memory exactly like people, Shai Shai has an incredible memory for food.  When she was a puppy I used to take her to a middle school (known for its Jazz/Swing Band, these kids are really good!) at night so she could run around off leash.  Santa Clara wasn't remotely dog friendly so I took advantage where I could.  One night she found a McDonalds bag that had some fries, the remains of a bun and some ketchup.  I couldn't get her away from it until she licked the area clean.  As in spotless.  She was quite adept at avoiding me and the leash while she made sure that there wasn't enough evidence for a forensic team to determine there had ever been anything there besides the concrete.

For one reason or another (someone started a fire during break so they put a fence around the school and  locked it up nights and weekends) we didn't return to the area for six months.  Shai headed straight for the same spot and could not be persuaded to leave the area until she was convinced that there was nothing edible on the sidewalk.  She forgot she had eaten it all, not where she had eaten it.

Pugs own you, you don't own them.  They were bred to be the lap dogs of royalty and besides expecting you to serve their every request and laugh at their antics, they will eat darn near anything.  Shai loves asparagus, red bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and green beans, but has been known to eat jalapenos.  Please note the plural.

I doubt that Harry and Sally have developed a taste for human flesh and as they will probably be spoiled by their new owners with every treat imaginable it's safe to let them back into a family situation.  I just wouldn't fall asleep with beef ribs on my breath.


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