Thursday, January 21, 2010

Couldn't Keep Quiet Forever

Waah, waah, waah.  So Obama has broken every single promise he ever made to the people who worked and got him elected and now everyone is surprised that the people are revolting?  What drugs are you people on?  Obama got what he wanted and then reverted to the same person I met when he was a young man at Occidental College.  Just like every other president we've had since 1980 he speaks out both sides of his...mouth.  The really sad part is, voting for the other guy out of anger is only going to make things worse.  Such is our lovely political system, a two party affair that the rich control and the poor serve.  And any idea that the individual citizen mattered was removed by the Supreme Court this morning.  Our individual political contributions are going to mean nothing.  Actually, less than nothing.

To lose the Kennedy seat to a GOP representative that stands against everything that the Kennedy brothers stood for, isn't just mindboggling, it was inevitable.  My thoughts are best expressed by Jon Stewart.
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Mass Backwards

Democrats have balls? I admit I'm surprised, I didn't even know they had gonads.

Thank God the Kennedys who gave so much are gone, they might have been tempted to kill themselves to see how far the America that two out of three of them died for has turned into "it's not my problem, it's everyone else's and they must be trying to take what little I have even if it isn't as worth as much as it was last week and I just won't stand for it!"

When did we become a nation of taking the good stuff for ourselves and punishing or restricting those who want the same things?  Oh, that's right.  Ever since we started slaughtering Indians because they lived on land we wanted and then used slaves to turn that land into crops that not only sustained a family but enabled that same family to "lord" it over those who owned shops instead of land.  Just like every other period throughout human history.

What my father neglected to tell me all the times he swore that America was a few steps away from a police state was that one of the first steps was for the people to become sheeple.  Like the Germans, Russians, North Koreans, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and Afghans before us, sheeple believe that someone else will save them.  And if takes a loss of opportunities, liberties, freedom of movement, then so be it.  And so it will be.

Thanks to an education system that rewards standardization and punishes individual thinking.



  1. Im completely agree with you. The kennedy' did everything they can. Nothing can beat them.

  2. i would agree with you! that he break all single promise, but after all i would say that he he is better then Bush!!!!

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