Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stupid Begets Stupid

Politico has the results of a poll (OMG! the rampant stupidity from the respondents is mindboggling) commissioned by the Kos group, a blog to which I neither read nor link to. The results didn't really surprise me considering how many people consider Fox News to be "fair and balanced", but one of the comments did. Someone called "beisbolfan" sounded relatively reasonable and informed until you get to the third paragraph.
For Republicans to even think about the word "impeachment" is absolutely nuts. Didn't these idiots learn anything from the Clinton episode? People don't like the opposition trying to overturn democratic elections in the courts.

I don't believe he is a socialist, but he does want a strong "social safety net", and very intrusive government regulation of private business. That is basically how western Europe is governed, and I don't have much problem with it. My main goal as a conservative is to preserve traditional America as much as possible.

That means stopping mass immigration. I want my nation to remain majority white for as long as possible. And I don't care who doesn't like hearing that or reading that. Why should white people, whose ancestors founded this country, volunteer to become a racial minority, by accepting unlimited immigration?

Most people want to live in residential neighborhoods where the majority of their neighbors are people of their own race, language, religion, culture. That's the truth, and everybody knows it. Whites don't move into nonwhite neighborhoods. If their neighborhood becomes majority nonwhite, they typically move out, if they can.

I also believe firmly in capitalism, as free and unfettered as possible, albeit with sensible regulations. The prior 8 years are enough evidence that the financial system needs policing.

So, don't call Obama a socialist. George Will, a pretty even-keel conservative, wrote "nobody wants to live in a country without a welfare system"

He was right.
White people founded this country?  I'm sure this is a major surprise to the Indians who lived here for hundreds of years before the Puritans invaded and brought their restricted views on life to the new world.  And since history isn't taught in school anymore and teabaggers believe that only whites were willing to die for freedom, Crispus Attucks has been deliberately relegated to the dustbin of history.

So what am I?  Dad married mom, a German citizen at the time.  She got her citizenshipin 1959 and proudly called it the best day of her life.  There isn't one inch of me that identifies with my so called African heritage.  The only African heritage I have is my skin color.  Period.  I don't dance because I hate that frog in a blender look.  I definitely don't rap and singing is relegated to places where people can't hear me, like my car.

My preferred music is classic rock, though I have tunes from Glenn Miller to Pink Floyd, Dusty Springfield to Michael Jackson and Beck to MC Hammer in addition to Amy Winehouse, Golden Earring, the Scorpions, Grover Washington, Jr.and Led Zeppelin on my iPod.

Black citizens in Britain are called British, black citizens in France are called French.  I'm an American.  Not a black American, nor am I a German American.  I'm an American who was willing to die for her country so the above bumpkin could make stupid remarks with complete freedom.  It does make me wonder why I was so eager to fight for a country that hates me so much.

With attitudes like these, it's no wonder that there are still women in th USA who don't know they're pregnant until they give birth.  There even was a television series on TLC called I didn't know I was pregnant.  Innocence was not lost, information was imparted at at an age where girls need to know before the parents think they need to learn it. Raging hormones are better helped by the truth than they are by a promise ring. And if parents think ten year old boys aren't looking at Playboy, or National Geographic like when I was a kid, they are not living on the same planet as the rest of us.  On the other hand, these people are from Texas.  The state that ranks fifth in teen pregnancies and third in teen births.  The mythical theory that abstinence and religion prevent pregnancy is wrong, it's correct information and contraception that do.


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  1. The whites see themselves as privileged. That has been a very useful tool for the Rushpubliscums, who rob them blind while pandering to their hatreds.

    This Injun (well, half my family is white folks, but you know how that is. Ask the President) would love to see every damn one of those "privileged" Europeans ship out. They've caused nothingbut trouble here for awhile now.