Friday, April 30, 2010

This 'N That

Macs crash?  I've had my iMac for almost four years and while certain programs may have given me the spinning beach ball of death (Firefox, but I have to admit I run the beta versions), never has the whole system crashed. 
Jobs said Flash is a closed proprietary technology that should be bypassed in favor of open standards such as HTML5, a new Web technology that Apple is promoting. He said Flash consumes twice the amount of battery life for video playback, is a security risk and is the No. 1 source of crashes on Mac computers. Jobs added that it's also not suited for the touch interfaces of many modern mobile devices.
Um, Steve?  People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Apple isn't exactly known for sharing.  Not that this is a bad thing since your devices have always worked for me, but maybe you could phrase it a little differently.  What I've discovered is that I basically use my computer for email, to surf the web and to charge my iTouch so I should probably get an iPad and be done with it.  I would have room for dining room table after all that space was freed up.  Hmm, and the need for power strips would also decrease.  Win, win.

Not content with mucking up California, the Governator wants to run for president.

Not exactly a surprise.  Of course she's a liar, she slept with another woman's husband.  And it's pretty easy to see she isn't firmly attached to reality.

I am not a Madonna fan by any stretch of the imagination.  Business wise she is incredibly smart and managed to ensure that she received most of the profits from her work, unlike a lot of popular artists, but I still don't like her.  I do like Jane Lynch and because of her I now have a Madonna song on the iTouch.  A most spectacular cover version of Vogue.  I wonder why I can't get into Glee, it's a great premise and everyone attached to the project is extremely talented, but I can't bring myself to watch it on a regular basis.


  1. I can get my Mac to crash about once a week (if I'm lucky) - though I do a lot of processor-intensive stuff, and run about a dozen programs on top of that. Still, that is far more stable than I ever got from Windows.

    Agreed on the glass houses, though I hate Flash with a passion.

  2. Okay, *technically* not crash - just spinning beachballs of doom all over the place. I think a memory upgrade is called for, but an 8GB upgrade for a MBP costs $500.