Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lying And Dying

. Bush is going let 30,000 troops come home by next July. Those are the same ones that were sent under cover of the surge, which would mean that they would have been there around 15 months. Isn't that the same as a regular tour nowadays? And who cares what Reid and Pelosi have to say? They are the two biggest wusses in Congress. All talk, no action. No surprise there, they are politicians after all.

With three out of seven soldiers who wrote the op-ed article in the NY Times either dead or injured in one month, how can anyone believe that we are "kicking ass" in Iraq? Ass is getting kicked, but it isn't the right one.

I took the Fountain of Youth quiz. Turns out I'm a skeptic. Umm, surprisingly enough, they're right. I don't drink kool-aid, which is probably why I don't believe anything that this administration says.

Great, as if Bush needed any more ideas on the expansion of presidential power. He's already tried to make Congress irrelevant, he might consider it a natural step to try and dissolve the government just like Putin and remake it into one that gives him everything he wants. Of course he already has that but they are beginning to ask too many questions.

Led Zeppelin is going to reform but there is no mention of a tour. Plus, a new album in time for Christmas. Too cool.

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