Friday, September 07, 2007

Punish The Monkey

After all the hype about how many jobs have been created in the last few months, the numbers have been revised downward. How can anyone be surprised that employers eliminated jobs? As opposed to laying them off or whatever euphemism they are using to avoid saying that formerly credit worthy people can no longer afford to pay their bills. And that the odds of them finding any other employment that will cover their living expenses are rapidly becoming slim to none.

I'm failing to see the difference between Democrats who support the President even though their constituents want otherwise and having a Republican win in 2008. In all seriousness, how will we know the difference? If only the Democrats were capable of doing the job they were elected to do. It isn't as if one of the least liked presidents has had any difficulty getting everything he wants out of Congress. And then some. Or have people forgotten the expanded powers Congress gave him that he didn't ask for? Someone needs to remind these people that they don't hold lifetime jobs and that representing the people means just that, not worrying about someone else's job more than a year in the future. No timetable, no funding, no excuses. What a concept.

One of two things is going to happen. Either the populace will care mightily and voice their opinion more vociferously or they are going to watch more television and tune out the bullshit. Given the last few years of apathy, we are likely to see a Bionic Lost Survivor Hero Pushing Daisies.

Mark Knopfler rocks.

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  1. The wolf is turning up at more and more doors. He seems to be able to galvanize people in a way that nothing else does.

    It is a damn shame that it takes the wolf to rouse people from their slumber.