Thursday, March 31, 2005


At least until you get to the last few paragraphs. Then you realize that these kids are still waiting to receive the recognition that would have been theirs if they had been the MIT team or a foreign design team with a visa (now a government contract). Some people think this is okay because they are undocumented aliens and shouldn't be rewarded unless they are citizens.

Great idea. Let's punish the kids because their families brought them here to make a better life and give them an education. They shouldn't get help to go to college because they are illegal. Not by their own choice. No Child Left Behind. I guess after they graduate high school it doesn't matter anymore. A rundown ramshackle school produced four boys who were capable of successfully completing a project partially sponsored by NASA, but that isn't enough because they aren't true Americans. Young people are not like AVIS . They don't always try harder because they are in second place. It takes a special person to keep trying after they have done everything they were supposed to, achieved the goal and then go back to the drudgery of life because they don't meet criteria they have no influence over. Oscar now hangs sheetrock and Luis is filing paperwork. Great use of natural resources.

Wired 13.04: La Vida Robot

Once again it goes to show that hard work and ingenuity do not necessarily go hand in hand with the American Dream. Unless you meet predefined criteria. Known in this country as an accident of birth. I seriously doubt that they would have received any more help towards a college education if they had been citizens. Do you think Paris Hilton will design the next space station? Pacemaker? Maybe the Olsen twins next vehicle will actually be one. Fuel efficient and inexpensive.

Bling bling.

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