Saturday, April 02, 2005

Culture of Life

We sure have spent a lot of time on Death Watch 2005 for a culture that is supposed to be concerned with life. According to the news there are only two people on the planet who were suffering and worthy of 24/7 attention.

Reporting a devastating earthquake in a region that hadn't cleaned up from it's last disaster came and went almost as fast ast the actual event itself. A tragic shooting by a disenfanchised teenager left a total of 10 people dead on a remote reservation, and that is where the news left them. In Iraq the 32 members of the military were reported deceased. That is on the CNN special website, not the news section. These deaths didn't make the national news. The Guardian and the BBC reported them, but they didn't rate a mention in their home country.

Our country seems to be very concerned with people not dying without our permission. It is a crime to die unless the government has determined you are not worthy to occupy a place in society and must be officially removed at a specific time and place. Any other way is unacceptable.

For a "Christian Nation" we sure have a fear of going to heaven. Or are we afraid we are going to the other place and must put it off as long as possible?

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