Sunday, July 31, 2005

Garlic Festival

Headed off on my annual visit. I enjoy the smell, but I can blow through it in less time than it takes me to get there from San Jose and back. Oh well. I want to pick up my favorite Garlic Habanero seasoning, eat some killer escargot, mess with my brain with the garlic soft serve ice cream, purchase my garlic festival cookbook and be on the road before the drunks get started. Plus it isn't as hot if you go first thing in the morning. Beer doesn't taste that great, but I'll survive.

I'm getting three bottles of the seasoning this time. I got two last year and I ran out at the end of March. Support your local economy.

I should be safe from vampires for the rest of the day.

Update: It was really hot and crowded. I was in Gilroy at 10:15, it took 35 minutes to get to the fairgrounds. I found my escargot but the Gilroy Hot Stuff guy wasn't there. After much research I found out he sold the company. I got my cookbook, ate my ice cream and left. I went to the outlet malls and spent money I didn't have (credit) on kitchen stuff. I found the Garlic Habanero Seasoning at the the Garlic Shoppe, so I bought four plus the "Mustard from hell". Made steak and potato salad for dinner and it rocked.

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