Wednesday, August 24, 2005

British Cover-up Falling Apart?

The story keeps changing, and not for the better. The three members of the surveillance unit weren't concerned that he might be a "bomber" but the guys with guns had to see if their new training worked.

The Observer | UK News | Police knew Brazilian was 'not bomb risk': "The Observer now understands that seconds before the firearms team entered the tube train carriage, a member of the surveillance squad using the codename Hotel 3 moved to the doorway and shouted: 'He's in here.' De Menezes, in all likelihood alarmed by the activity, stood and moved towards the doorway. He was grabbed and pushed back to his seat. The first shots were then fired while Hotel 3 was holding him.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is to investigate if the firearms officers, with only seconds to decide whether to shoot, mistakenly interpreted de Menezes's movement as an aggressive act.

For the firearms officers involved in the death to avoid any legal action, they will have to state that they believed their lives and those of the passengers were in immediate danger. Such a view is unlikely to be supported by members of the surveillance unit.

For reasons as yet unclear, members of the firearms team have yet to submit their own account of the events to the IPCC. The two members of the team believed to have fired the fatal shots are known to have gone on holiday immediately after the shooting."

Probably to their second job in Utah where they got to participate in this lovely exercise in limiting freedom.

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