Sunday, September 25, 2005

What Great Britain has learned from us

Who says nothing crosses the pond. The Bush Noministration has successfully exported the "shoot first, we'll worry about guilt later" philosophy.

The Observer | UK News | Woman held in probe into Tube shooting leak: "Blair initially claimed that police had shouted a warning before approaching Menezes, but the documents said this was not the case. They also contradicted early reports that the Brazilian was wearing a bulky jacket that could have hidden explosives and that he jumped the ticket barrier at the stations. The police did not admit these reports were misleading until after the leak.

The details of the documents, which were broadcast on ITV News on 16 August, showed that Menezes was wearing a light denim jacket and jeans, that he used his Oyster card to pass through the ticket barrier and that no warning was issued before he was shot.

The Leicestershire force confirmed that the woman was arrested at one of several London addresses searched on Wednesday. It is not known if she is an employee of the IPCC or ITV News. Neither organisation would comment last night.

Shami Chakrabati, director of civil rights campaigners Liberty said: 'We must hope that the investigation into the shooting itself is being pursued with at least as much rigour as these leak inquiries.'


And even more importantly, prosecute the people who release the truth. They must be punished before anything else is done. Unless you are Karl Rove, where you have to be convicted before you lose your job. As if he will ever go to trial.

Maybe once the mothers of distraction, (Cindy, Katrina and Rita) get done smacking the country around and pointing out the glaring inconsistencies we can get back to business. You remember that guy, Osama Bin Forgotten, don't you? Or maybe we could have a War on Global Warming using the money we save by getting the heck out of Iraq, or take the money from the failed wars on drugs and poverty and try to improve the lives of ordinary Americans. The ones that make less than $100,000 and are the actual worker bees of this country. Providing the food, transportation and entertainment for the undeclared royalty of America.

Yeah, right.

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  1. If that's what Britian has learned from America, then as an American I apologize on behalf of our nation. Please believe that nothing that Bush or his cronies do speaks for the rest of the good citizens of the U.S.