Monday, October 24, 2005

All About the Benjamins

and making sure that the people who need them the most, don't receive them. Then when Capital One calls and asks "what's in your wallet" and why aren't we receiving it, they receive no sympathy with the bitter tea they have been forced to swallow. - Illegal workers found at La. base: "Navy spokesman Lt. (j.g.) Sean Robertson said that 13 individuals had been barred from the base. Neither he nor Zuieback could explain the discrepancy between the numbers.

The action came amid growing complaints from area electricians who say they lost their jobs at the base to lower-wage workers.

Robert 'Tiger' Hammond, president of the Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO, said about 75 union electricians lost their jobs after the Bush administration temporarily suspended the Davis-Bacon Act, which guarantees the prevailing local wage for workers hired under federal contracts.

It was unclear who employed the undocumented workers. Zuieback would not give the name of the employer. Robertson said they worked for BE&K, an Alabama-based contractor, and Texas-based BMS Catastrophe."
Does Chertoff know about this? No exceptions was the story last week.

Money. We have ours, don't particularly care how you get yours. And they want to know why grown kids still need their parents help to survive in today's economy.

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