Monday, October 24, 2005

Going Through The Motions

Is that what I've been doing?
Democracy in Voters' Hands: "Modern redistricting is a travesty. Politicians, using powerful computers, design districts that all but guarantee victory to one side or another. Sure, voters can go through the motions on Election Day, but few races are more than fictions. Sometimes the process is rigged to protect incumbents, sometimes to oust them, but maximizing competition and voter choice is never the goal when politicians get to draw the districts in which they or their friends will run. The result contributes to political polarization, since heavily Democratic districts tend to elect people far more liberal than average while heavily Republican districts tend to elect people far more conservative."
I'm looking at my absentee ballot and thinking "just say no". To everything, but that isn't very responsible. I like to be fully informed before I vote and there has been more opinion than fact. With all of the problems with voting lately, I am loathe to change one more thing that probably will have unintended consequences.

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