Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Coconut Layer Cake

I met this woman, Brenda Svoboda, at a networking occaision. She attended the CIA in Napa but she likes to do dessert. My favorite cake happens to be coconut layer cake and hers is probably the best I've ever had. It is light, fluffy, not too sweet and full of flavor without being overpowering. Absolutely wonderful. I really liked it. I really really liked it. It is available by the slice at some of the Neiman Marcus stores in the Bay area, otherwise you can order a whole cake to be delivered. Yum, yum.
: "When I started Svoboda Confections several years ago as a way to market my delicious Yin Yang (black and white) cookies, I asked a customer to send me some feedback.

She wrote back, 'these #$%&@ are good!'

Then I asked for something I could actually quote, and she sent 'The best cookie I ever put in my mouth.' I've had similar comments ever since.

Svoboda Confections are available online and at select California retailers."
Need more. I tried one of the little cakes and have been dreaming about it ever since.

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