Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Well, this will help someone, Pt II

Yup, inflation is coming, energy is going up, more layoffs are planned, savings are at an alltime low, the future is so bright I gotta wear shades.
Congress Seeks to Slash Food Aid for Poor - Yahoo! News: "The $574 million cut in food stamps would come from restricting access to this benefit for certain families that receive other government assistance. The restriction would shut an estimated 300,000 people out of the program.

The conservation cuts would curb the number of acres that can be enrolled in the biggest of the programs, the Conservation Reserve Program, and limit spending on two others, the Conservation Security Program and Environmental Quality Incentives Program."
This congress is composed of a bunch of straw men looking for a brain being led by leadera in a hood with pointy caps. Because after all the publicity lately we know who the poor are in this country. Of course this measure will also deeply affect those persons in the Ozarks and Appalachians who will be swept out with the rest of the trash, unintended collateral damage that doesn't really matter because they can't buy influence.

Compassionate conservatism at its best.

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