Monday, October 10, 2005

Compassionate Conservatism

Strikes again! Email? Considered to be one of life's major traumas and you find out by email? And they wonder why there is no worker loyalty. Metro | State: "And so, 2,582 HHSC workers — including about 100 in San Antonio — received e-mails Monday that began: 'Regretfully, we were unable to place you in a position in the new eligibility system.'

The layoffs are to begin on or after May 1.

Another 2,812 workers received an e-mail informing them that their jobs, though possibly changed, would continue.

The plan includes replacing existing walk-in customer service centers, where needy Texans apply in person for food stamps, Medicaid and other government benefits, with four call centers run by the private sector, where applicants apply for benefits largely over the phone"
Interesting departments to be closed. Sounds like the people laid off are going to need those services.

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