Monday, October 10, 2005

It isn't necessary for me to be right

all the time. Especially this time.
Death Toll Rises for Military Reservists: "Reservists have accounted for one-quarter of all U.S. deaths since the Iraq war began, but the proportion has grown over time. It was 10 percent for the five weeks it took to topple Baghdad in the spring of 2003, and 20 percent for 2004 as a whole.

The trend accelerated this year. For the first nine months of 2005 reservists accounted for 36 percent of U.S. deaths, and for August and September it was 56 percent, according to Pentagon figures."
Just what they signed up for.

"Forty-five percent of all Guard and Reserve deaths since the start of the war — 220 of the 487 total — occurred in the first nine months of 2005, according to Pentagon figures. The deadliest month was August, when 49 Guard and Reserve members died."
"In Iraq the front line is everywhere — on rural roads where Guard and Reserve soldiers drive supply trucks, at urban checkpoints, in remote villages and at major supply bases. Some units also have been attached to active-duty units with the specific mission of conducting offensive operations."
"At one point this year more than half of the combat forces in Iraq were National Guard."

What exactly is the point of paying for a standing Army? If they can't do the job, maybe something should be reevaluated. Heaven forbid we should actually have to defend ourselves from an aggressor on our home turf. The military is so stressed that it can't do any of it's assignments at 100% efficiency.

Why did we invade Iraq? Inquiring minds would really like to know.

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