Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cooking for People

Since this is a new business, it isn't actually booming yet. Yesterday I cooked for a family of 4 1/2. The baby is only 3 weeks old, hasn't progressed past the liquid stage. My service was the result of a gift certificate, actually quite thoughtful for the recovering mom.

One of my problems in cooking for a family is that I have rather sophisticated tastes and the list of foods that I don't like is so esoteric that it is never an issue. I mean how many people serve Saba (mackerel, yuck!) or peas and carrots mixed together on a regular basis? I like peas, I like carrots, please do not let them touch. I eat succotash (corn and lima beans) just fine. Okra rocks! I have come to the conclusion that I'm weird.

No tomatoes, no wheat, no bell peppers, no garlic or onion (breasfeeding), please make it tasty. I arrived at 11:30 and the menu was:
Maple Glazed Salmon with Roasted Asparagus
Meatloaf with Homemade Mac (brown rice pasta) and Cheese
Chicken Teriyaki with Seared Baby Bok Choy
Pineapple Spareribs with Corn on the Cob
Herb Roasted Whole Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Peas on the side
A Milk Chocolate Moo-less Pie for dessert
I was out the door at 3:30, an hour later than planned. The chicken was roasting in the oven (didn't have a temperature knob), the kitchen was clean and the house smelled wonderful. Random thoughts: People with gas stoves should not have them placed where they receive the window breeze (35 min for pasta water w/lid on, to come to a boil), the only source of flowing air in the room. Pressure cookers rock! Need indoor slippers for those homes that don't allow shoes inside. I really like to cook.

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