Monday, October 17, 2005

Early Adopters

I am an early adopter, a geek if you will, but I am conservative about how I spend my money. I need value so I don't buy anything unless I have a use for it. I hate to shop, so I research online and then if I want it immediately I am out the door, if I have the time, I search the web. I just wish I had more money. - Techies: They're everywhere: "It's not about the money

Income isn't the deciding factor for determining who is an early adopter, either.

The USA TODAY analysis shows that early adopters are likely to buy and use a lot of tech devices no matter how much they earn. 'When you look at 'share of wallet,' many younger people are spending a good portion of their money on technology and technology-related services,' Sneor says.

Adopting technology early is 'a lifestyle, a societal movement,' Sneor says. 'Money is not the principal factor.'

To determine households that were most likely to be early adopters, USA TODAY and Claritas looked at 20 technology behaviors, including:

• Making phone calls on the Internet.

• Replacing landline phones with cellphones.

• Using Wi-Fi networks outside homes or offices.

• Buying a home theater, a personal digital assistant, a digital video recorder, a high-definition TV or a cellphone-PDA device.

Early adopters are more alike than their incomes might lead you to believe, the analysis shows."
I need more money. I want a new Video Ipod so I can watch Lost while I stand in line or travel on the train. This could be a whole new way to encourage public transportation. Catch up on all last nights episode of whatever so you have something to talk about at the watercooler.

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