Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Evidence is getting stronger

Early evidence of his noodly appendage is appearing everywhere! All across the globe. Is it a cult? Is it a sign?
Petrified Pasta Supports Possible Chinese Origin - Los Angeles Times: "'These are definitely the earliest noodles ever found,' said Lu Houyuan, a researcher with the Institute of Geology in Beijing who studied the ingredients of the pristinely preserved pasta.

The discovery of the delicate yellow noodles in Minhe County in China's western province of Qinghai is reported in this week's edition of Nature magazine.

'Chinese people say Marco Polo brought noodles from China back to Italy and Italians say they had noodles before that,' Lu said. 'All this has been based on documentary material, on personal accounts and menus. But we've been unable to find any actual material -- until now.'"

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