Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I wish I had written this

You should read the rest.
Louisiana Weekly - Your Community. Your Newspaper.: "Executive privilege by privileged executives like Bush, Ken Lay, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and others is both appalling and enlightening. People in this country are on the brink of starvation and epidemic, wandering through the streets like Darfurians, Rwandans, and Haitians (Hmmm, I wonder why all of those groups happen to be Black), and Bush comes to the rescue four days late seeking credit for doing what we pay him to do. The hugging and kissing photo opportunities were great.

Executive privilege supports lying, cheating, deceit, and arrogance of the highest degree. It allows the spending of a billion dollars per week on a stupid war, but not even a million per week on our own citizens who are stranded, stricken, and suffering from Hurricane Katrina. Water, so plentiful in this country is not even available to those who desperately need it. Food, in this land of bounty, is scarce and in short supply for the children caught in this quagmire. Executive privilege allows 'fly-overs' and shallow speeches. Privileged executives continue to watch the big board at the New York Stock Exchange and applaud after the day's trading is over, especially the oil and drug execs."
and then later he really lays it out:
Privileged executives, buoyed by executive privilege, are just plain greedy, aloof, and despicable. They do flyovers rather than parachute drops; they do press briefings instead of pressing into action; they read from Teleprompters rather than speak from their hearts (If they have hearts); they are patronizing rather than patriotic; they are rhetorical instead of real; they are sarcastic rather than sacrificial; they are condescending rather than conscious; they are evil rather than good.
Let the snowball continue. It may be small now, but with a little help from gravity it can become more than we dream.

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