Sunday, October 30, 2005

How Manly

Nice, really nice. - Attackers behead 3 girls in tense Indonesian province: "The students from a private Christian high school were ambushed while walking through a cocoa plantation in Poso Kota subdistrict on their way to class, police Maj. Riky Naldo said. The area is close to the provincial capital of Palu, about 1,000 miles northeast of Jakarta.

Naldo said the heads of three victims were found several miles from their bodies. Two were left near a police station and another in front of a newly built Christian church.

In Jakarta, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ordered police to track down the killers.

'I condemn this barbarous killing, whoever the perpetrators are and whatever their motives,' he said.

National police spokesman Brig. Gen. Arjanto Boedihardjo said the wounded student told police that there were six masked attackers who were wearing black shirts."
Other than making these poor girls last momemnts hell of earth, what exactly do they hope to accomplish. Christianity and martyrdom go hand in hand. Six men to chop the heads off some girls. Did they practice? Draw straws? Will they be caught? Probably not. It looks like this kind of thing happens quite a bit.

At least Marie Antoinette had done something to deserve the hatred of the people around her.

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