Monday, October 17, 2005

Hunter is on a roll

Actually a rant, a well written one.
Daily Kos: The Criminalization of Politics: "Blah, blah, blah. Punditry with the predictable pattern and spray of automatic lawn sprinklers. If Iraq has turned into the much-predicted fiasco most observers expected it would, it's because liberals didn't believe hard enough. If the economy is going to hell, it's the fault of the damn American middle class, which needs to collectively get off its quivering, jobless ass and buy a few hundred thousand new cars. And if a Republican commits a crime, it's the Democrats fault for politicizing it.

Honestly, do these people have a bone of responsibility or self-accountability in their thick, Clinton-addled skulls? Is their brand of so-called 'conservatism' nothing more than the economic and national security version of Intelligent Design, in which it'll all just work out fine if you draw a picture of Noah carrying everyone's 401K plans onto the Ark?

Whether it be election law, campaign finance law or lobbying restrictions, we see Republicans in legal jeopardy defended primarily by the arguments like Chris Matthews' faux-dismissive 'everybody does it' or Bill Kristol's sniffling 'how dare you bring these things up'. Whether it be government report after government report found to be 'cooked' by political cronies who need to sell by deception what actual fact can't support, or government payments to ostensible pundits, or the wholesale manufacture of fake reporters producing fake news segments, there is literally nothing -- nothing -- which a movement Bush loyalist apparently finds ethically questionable, and damn you for finding out about it in the first place."
later he states:
"Conservatism, whatever it may be, is hopefully not this. You don't have far to look, in the Republican Party, to find true conservatives. I may not like the political stances of a John McCain or an Arlen Specter, but nor do I fear for the nation if they come to lead the Republican party. Men of integrity can disagree on the principles of government; men whose sole moral compass is directed by what they can technically get away with, however, aren't political men. They're just crooks."
I agree with him on this point. What they want to get away with is everyone elses hard earned money. I have always set great stock by the truth and I firmly believe the truth will set us free from these delusional hucksters. Eventually. How much harm will this nation have endured? Will we be able to recover? Better yet, will we want to? There are so many problems facing individual citizens that they have become overrwhelmed by tragedy. The Iraq war no longer registers unless it affects someone they know personally, Plamegate is just starting to register and most people can't even process that this was treason at the highest level. But what can you expect from a society that has spent the last five years watching reality television? Survivor, Fear Factor, Dog Eat Dog, The Apprentice, Big Brother and The Simple Life are a few examples. All of these shows glorify stupidity, backstabbing, popularity contests, lying and cheating to get ahead. We are supposed to expect more from our elected representatives?

America has been actively practicing escapism ever Dan Quayle went off on Murphy Brown's baby. As television goes, so goes the nation. Nipples. Something stupid about nipples has changed listening to Pink Floyd's Money. Why? For over 30 years all the words were sung on the radio, now it gets bleeped. Silencing "she never lost her head even when she was giving ****" in Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" while leaving in the line "and the colored girls go"? I happen to like both songs so I noticed when things changed.

Until America returns to living in reality instead of watching, these guys will continue to get away with lying, cheating and stealing. The price of gas and food should return us to that state shortly, or as another favorite of mine says:
Time is truly wastin'
There's no guarantee
Smile's in the makin'
You gotta fight the powers that be

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