Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm reading this morning

I got a late start, found out Scalito had been nominated and now I'm surfing to get other's opinions and hope they match with mine.

I don't think it is going to work. Too much has happened in the last two months for the average American Joe to not realize that things aren't going well. The trust of the people has been abused and they are not happy. From local elections to the Commander in Chief they are not pleased. They feel lied to and that is never a good thing when things are not going well.

At least, I hope they do. They might not. One of the excuses for voting for Twig during the 2004 election was that he should clean up his own mess. They might still feel that way. Or just not care, feeling that nothing they do will make a difference.

Or they can slap on a bumper sticker and wear a wrist bracelet. We wore copper ones during Vietnam.

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