Monday, October 31, 2005

Not Everybody Likes Milk

I happen to be one of them. I don't like the taste or the the consistency. Can't stand the stuff. Ever since I can remember I have eaten my vegetables. It wan an authority thing. I had heard that kids didn't like vegetables, so I did. Especially spinach as long as it wasn't creamed. My dad was not lactose intolerant and mom being German also isn't, she just doesn't drink it. Neither one of us has ever broken a bone. Even when I got hit by the car it only cracked C3, thank goodness or I wouldn't be here today.
Dairy advice criticized by lactose-intolerant - Diet & Fitness - "Her sons Denzell and Armonni have the same problem. So do as many as 75 percent of African-Americans and 90 percent of Asian-Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Government dietary guidelines include advice for people with lactose intolerance that note other calcium-containing foods like fish, broccoli and fortified orange juice. But critics say information on milk alternatives is sometimes buried.

The debate was raised a notch this past month when a vegetarian advocacy group filed a lawsuit aimed at getting milk producers to label their products with a warning that milk may cause digestive problems in lactose-intolerant people."
I also believe it is one of the reasons why Asians and Blacks carry their weight around the abdomen where it is most dangerous. This is because it is visceral fat. Fat throughout the organs, not lying on top. The healthy BMI for Asians had to be dropped because they are perfectly capable of looking skinny while having serious fatty tummies. I found it absolutely impossible for me to lose weight until I added plain yogurt to my diet. I personally like Pavel's. The whole fat variety. I find that live cultures help me digest so I also love the more fragrant cheeses, but I don't eat ice cream or drink milk. Not even chocolate.

People need to be informed that there are alternatives out there. The food guide is helpful, if you are a geek and have plenty of time. They also need to know how to cook and present so people will eat the good stuff.

Do you think I could pitch a show to the Food Network?

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