Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stupidity Knows No Bounds

Exactly what part of the news did these people miss? Unlike the Katrina victims I have no sympathy for these people. If you live in a fire zone you have to expect fires just as you would expect a blizzard or avalanche in snow country. Mother Nature is not to be messed with, when will humans understand that?
Resident: 'We Just Didn't Think This Storm Was Going to Be That Bad': "'Last year, Miami Beach was under a mandatory evacuation three times, and we'd stayed for all three,' Gehring said. 'We just didn't think this storm was going to be that bad.'

Olsen, Gehring and a neighbor, as well as their two dogs, were huddled in the hallway between the couple's bedroom and a closet. 'We had a package of ham, a bottle of vodka and a pillow,' Gehring said."
Great planning. A weeks worth of warning, nice. How are they able to afford to live in skyscraper and have the common sense of an ostrich?

I'm pretty sure that when the earth shakes around the Indian Ocean that nobody goes to the beach.

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