Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What Rice Can't See

She is definitely clueless.
What Rice Can't See: "I know very few black Americans who think of themselves fully as insiders in this society. No matter how high we rise, there's always that reality that Rice acknowledges: The society isn't colorblind, not yet. It's not always in the front of your mind, but it's there. We talk about it, we overcome it, but it's there."
I received this email the other day from a new reader. He had asked if he could link to me since I was slightly bent. I asked him what he meant:
"you are a human being. that will bend anyone. you are
black, that is even tougher. How do I kmow this? The
closest male to me is a guy four years my junior, who
just happens to be black. One night while having a
chat with him in a parkinglot at a fancy pool hall, I
had a glock stuck in my left temple by a TALLAHASSEE
police officer. My crime, talking to a black man. My
friend was used to this, and from that point on, I had
a taste of what it's like to be black. Black people
need therapy, not because there's anything wrong with
them, but because they have had to put up with stuff
that will make a sane person angry. And anger is not
good for anybody. you wouldn't want to see the inside
of my intestines."
I've been wondering why my frustration meter is maxed out and my tolerance for cow crap is at an all time low. I admit it, I'm tired. I did what they said to be assimilated and all I got was the debt. None of the benefits. The same battles are being fought that most people were under the illusion of being settled in the late 60's and early 70's.

We need a leader who cares about doing the job, not the title of the job.

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