Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Welcome to the War on Women

It used to be the war on poverty, but they won that one, civil rights appear to be headed for some type of takedown, now women must understand their place in society.
Salon.com Life | Broadsheet: "Because Cablevision's new contract provides a slight pay-raise to some dancers -- in exchange for the loss of maternity leave, the touring group's salary was raised to match that of the New York dancers -- it prompted dissension between veteran Rockettes (those for whom maternity leave is important) and younger dancers in the troupe. DeCapua says that this was part of Cablevision's grand plan: The company, he says, wants to eliminate the idea that you can work as a Rockette as your long-term career, rather than as a short-term gig. 'They're saying to the women, you have the right to put on the skimpy outfits and make money for us, but not to have a career and raise a family as a Rockette,' DeCapua says."
Sex objects and breeders.

I like the new Broadsheet. Something new with my Salon in the morning.

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