Friday, October 14, 2005

What a great idea?

This might save the print industry. Cookbooks wtih real pictures and a demo that you can put right in front of your workstation, wherever it is/ | Media | Paper view technology: "Siemens spokesman Norbert Aschenbrenner claimed the new screens, which are literally paper thin, can do everything a regular TV screen or computer monitor can do, but cost a fraction of the price.

'The technology makes it possible to put moving images directly onto paper ... at a cost that would make it economical to use on everything from magazines to cigarette packets ... where the moving images would give more detailed instructions than any photo could ever do,' he said.

He said that the technology will be used for Harry Potter-style dynamic pictures in newspapers but will probably take a little while to get cheap enough."
I was thinking Harry Potter and sure enough it got mentioned, but it is a relatively old idea. I wonder where they think they got the idea? In scifi books they were called flimsies.

Still waiting on that hovercar.

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