Saturday, October 15, 2005

You shouldn't have

No. Really.
When Only Slabs of Pink, Jellied Byproduct Will Do - Los Angeles Times: "Especially during the holidays, you can see the blue-and-yellow cans neatly stacked in the aisles of the better stores. South Koreans are nearly as passionate about packaging as the Japanese are, and the Spam often comes wrapped in boxed sets. A set of 12 cans costs $44.

'Spam really is a luxury item,' said Han Geun Rae, 43, an impeccably dressed fashion buyer who was loading gift boxes of Spam into a cart at the Shinsegae department store before the recent Chusok holiday.

Chusok is the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving, and the biggest gift-giving occasion of the year here. On this holiday alone, Korean distributor CJ Corp. estimates, 8 million cans of Spam change hands.

Han's intended recipients were her employees, among them a young single man and a married woman with children. 'Everybody loves it,' Han said. 'It is so easy and convenient.'

She was expecting to get her own complement of Spam as well — in previous Chusok seasons, about a third of gifts she received were food sets that contained at least one can of Spam. 'My children are in high school and they love it,' she said. 'I cook it in jjigae stew with kimchi.

'It goes very nicely with red wine,' said another shopper, 44-year-old Kim Hwa Yeon, a stockbroker in a crisp navy blue suit and pearls, who said she was buying for clients."
I actually like the stuff, but I don't know if it goes with red wine, though now I know why they have Asian cans at the market. So it has different spices. I think I will go pick up some kimchee (love the stuff) and spam at 99 Ranch, find out what that stew is and pull a Steve.

Not tonight though, I'm making imitation lobster newburg.

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