Friday, November 04, 2005

Frighteningly Obvious

This was a great interview. I love how he looks at the world. Blog: "What is the biggest change at CBS during the time you’ve been here?

The emphasis used to be on collecting and then distributing the news. The emphasis now is on saving money. CBS management is saving money better than the reduced news staff is collecting and distributing the news."
and my other favorite questions was:
"Do you think candidates who want to run for President should be required to pass an intelligence and psychological exam?

Voters should be required to take an IQ test. The IQ score of the voter would register along with his or her vote. The candidate who got the highest total of IQ scores would be the winner."
I concur. There should be a mandatory IQ test for voting and driving. Too many people do not know what, why or how they are doing something, which causes grief for innocent people.

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