Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm Sorry They Feel That Way

but what do they expect? You are frustrated and angry before you pick up the phone, you have to punch a slew of buttons to get to a person who then asks you for that information and more to identify yourself and you can't understand them! If you are from the South and you are speaking with a person from India, due to the differences in cadence and inflection, they might as well be speaking two different languages. Heck, New Yorkers have problems with a southern accent and vice versa. Start throwing in slang and frustration and you have an explosion waiting to happen.
Outsourcing outrage / Indian call-center workers suffer abuse: "Such telephone tirades are fueled by outrage over outsourcing, which is expected to move 3.4 million U.S. service-sector jobs overseas by 2015, according to the consultancy Forrester. Most of the work comes to India, where young, low-cost employees now handle a range of American tasks -- they draw cartoons, interpret heart scans, adjudicate insurance claims, reserve flights and chase debtors.

Das, who quit the job after four months, said she learned to dislike Americans. 'Rarely, there are people who are good,' she said by e-mail, 'but then others remind me that all they believe in is cursing, and they don't have respect for others.'

Her opinion is not uncommon among many workers in India's burgeoning call-center industry."
Your broke, you can't make your payments, everyone around you is having financial difficulties and even though JCPenney is down the street, the person you talk to is thousands of miles away. Irritated doesn't even begin to describe it and the majority of Americans won't care that outsourced job receivers feelings are hurt.

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