Saturday, November 26, 2005

Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Just makes for one ugly pig. What is up with the MSM lately? They are doing their best to trivialize the death and destruction of our troops. These are real people with real lives. What about their family members? Friends? Former coworkers? Yes, some people are going to be able to rise above the difficulties of having their lives literally blown apart, but the majority will no be able to.
From Wounds, Inner Strength: "Friedman said studies of World War II veterans often showed that they valued the experience, even though they had serious post-combat stress: 'Yes, I've suffered,' he said men would report, 'but I wouldn't have given up this experience for anything in the world. . . . The things I experienced have made me a better man today.'

Studies of Vietnam War POWs have shown similar sentiments. One study, in 1980, found that 61 percent of American POWS in North Vietnam believed their experience was ultimately beneficial.

Tom McNish, a former Air Force pilot who was a prisoner in North Vietnam for six years, said: 'There is no question in my mind that the experience I had in Vietnam has had an overall very positive effect on my life. But I don't recommend it for anybody else. And I don't want to have to do it again.'

Wounded veterans of the Iraq war say similar things. Adam Replogle, 25, of Wellington, Colo., a former Army sergeant and tank gunner who lost his left hand and the vision in his left eye in a battle in Karbala in 2004, said that he still has ups and downs but that after his experience in Iraq, not much worries him."
On Dec 28th it will be eight years since I almost died. Major asthma attack from out of nowhere and I was all alone. I remember the terror of thinking I was going to die and the relief of getting some air as I faded out. Nothing rattled me for a few years, but after a while it becomes a thing that happened in your past and the everyday intrusions of life begin to weigh on you once again.

This is a disservice to the thousands who are physically and emotionally traumatized, all you need to do is buck up and change your attitude. Don't worry about the images that are so vivid you might as well still be there.

Jokers, but it isn't funny.

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