Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Real Reason

We went to war. Corrupt and shameless doesn't begin to cover the reasons why we invaded another country without provocation, without a majority of the world's population approving, without a request from the Iraqi people themselves, and without concern for the lives of the Americans entrusted to their care.

We invaded and destroyed a sovereign nation, created a new generation of people all over the world who despise us, changed the average age in which soldiers die in combat to an older demographic, thereby increasing single motherhood in areas where the soldier was the sole financial support, and last but certainly not least, veterans with physical and emotional wounds that will forever handicap them as they go through their life.

Meanwhile the majority of Americans not entitled to tax cuts have seen their quality of life decrease right along with our reputation around the world. Food and heating costs are rising faster than wages, that is if you have a job with all the corporations declaring bankruptcy before merging into one again, health care costs are unbelievable, pensions have been reduced or eliminated, and people have refinanced their houses to make up the difference. Now the housing market is slowing down, interest rates are rising and that equity is disappearing faster than Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm off to see Chicken Little.

Maybe Harry Potter.

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