Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Waah Waah Waah

If you are going to bag on someone, get your facts straight. In the article it says that her friend called her up and complained about the her (the friend) winning the Pulitzer and now dating would become more difficult. It was an example.
Is Maureen Dowd Necessary? - The Times op-ed columnist adds nothing to the debate between the sexes. By Katie Roiphe: "In fact, Dowd's most compelling example of this rarefied, lonely demographic of woman too successful for love is herself. As Dowd would have it, men simply find her intelligence, her status, her wit too daunting. (A friend called her up to complain that her Pulitzer Prize would make it impossible for her to get a date.) But is it possible that there is something else at play? In a recent New York profile, the writer reports: 'she is an utter and unreconstructed fox. Something that nearly every person I spoke to about her mentioned, unprompted, is that men can't resist her.' The piece further describes the wide variety of men Dowd has been involved with, ranging from movie stars, to important editors, to creators of television dramas. And they have apparently all been attracted to her, even though she is not in a service profession, or a maid, or a virgin in a gingham dress. One imagines that her intelligence, her sharpness, her sarcasm may even have interested these men. Could there possibly be another reason that the attractive, successful Dowd has not settled down? Something that is not in the zeitgeist, or the political climate, but some ineffable quality of her own psychology? It would seem wrong to raise this question about a woman writer, and in fact about any writer, but Dowd uses her experience with men as template for her theories so often, and marshals her failure to marry as evidence so frequently, that she herself raises the question in her reader's mind."
There is a generation of women who decided to try and make it in the world instead of getting married right out of school. Unfortunately history shows us that while we were improving our minds, some others jumped while the iron was hot. The longer you are single, the lower your tolerance for patriarchal crap. These aren't just her opinions, they do happen to be fact. The smarter and more self assured, the less likely you are to be in a conventional relationship.

For those who are now settling for a relationship with people whose first relationship didn't work out, remember everyone has baggage. Some of us have carry on and some of us have steamer trunks, but we always have something.

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