Saturday, December 17, 2005

Daisy, Madeline or Gwendolyn

Does it really matter? Actually isn't this more a case of locking the barn door a little too late?
Bush's Fumbles Spur New Talk of Oversight on Hill: "Lawmakers have been caught by surprise by several recent reports, including the existence of secret U.S. prisons abroad, the CIA's detention overseas of innocent foreign nationals, and, last week, the discovery that the military has been engaged in domestic spying. After five years in which the GOP-controlled House and Senate undertook few investigations into the administration's activities, the legislative branch has begun to complain about being in the dark.

On Friday, after learning that the National Security Agency was eavesdropping on conversations in the United States, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said that the activity was 'wrong and it can't be condoned at all,' and that his committee 'can undertake oversight on it.'

That same day, the House approved a resolution that would direct the administration to provide House and Senate intelligence committees with classified reports on the secret U.S. prisons overseas.

Democrats have long complained about a dearth of congressional investigations into Bush administration activities, but their criticism has been gaining validation from others after the botched response to Hurricane Katrina, problems in Iraq and ethical lapses."
Grrr. The Dems have been tiptoeing around acting like they were afraid to wake the baby. Well guess what? The baby is awake and it wants to be fed!

I can hardly wait for the diaper change.

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