Sunday, December 18, 2005


OK, I don't want to sound like big brother here, but those of us who are geeky (or self involved) look at our stats and I have noticed something disturbing. As much as I root for Firefox in the browser wars it is slow going. That being said, Firefox usage is higher on the weekend which tells me you are probably at home. My issue is this. Would please update to Firefox 1.5! Please! You'll like it and you won't have to worry about updates.

Then, go to the theme page to pimp your ride. After you find one you like and have installed it, restart Firefox and come back to the extensions page. Now I admit it, I'm a geek so I have more than a few which considering a I run a Mac is pretty interesting. I also must be pretty tolerant of little things because almost everything works for me unless it specifically says Windoze only. That being said, here is a partial list of my 39 extensions.

Adblock - absolutely important for blocking adverstisements, your pages load faster, with the information you want, prevents people from clicking on things you don't want them to. If you can't see it, you won't miss it. I configured mine with Adblock Filterset.G Updater.

I use Add Bookmark Here because it simplifies things at the beginning.

Autofill because I am lazy. And it works in 1.5 because I am also running Nightly Tester Tools, a major geek extension, but I wanted Autofill and you can make other extensions compatible also.

Blog This, obviously.

Colorful Tabs help when I have more than one open, like now (7).

Extended Statusbar, give me info.

Fasterfox is more help for dialup, but I run it just in case. Heaven forbid I should have to wait.

Forecastfox for weather related info.

History Menu, I would give this one 10 stars if I could, it puts a weeks worth of history in your Go menu.

NoScript, which can be a pain until you get your sites allowed, but this where a lot of new viruses are going to come from.

Restart Firefox because I'm lazy.

Sage, my news reader, especially for freeper sites so I can glance at the good stuff without getting distracted by the crap unless I choose to.

Stop or Reload, it's a Mac thing, try it you'll like it.

StumbleUpon, the best time waster on the planet except I always learn stuff and find some of the greatest sites I never thought of!

Tab Mix Plus, my only tab browsing extension it adds quite a bit of flexibility and some nifty options to the browser.

I do not know what a popup is since I switched to Firefox. Maybe 5 in the last year and none in the last 6 months. Please update your browsers and you Exploder users come on over and try something new, you don't have to wait until next year.

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