Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I Exist Again!

Yippee! According to Technorati I hadn't updated my blog in 32 days. This morning I finally got a referral from a WaPo article I posted on last week. I thought I had done a lot of good writing this past month but all my numbers have been dropping and I believe it was because of the lack of recognition for my efforts.

I actually blog because stuff (you name it) interests me and not everybody reads as fast or has the patience to wade through various articles like I do. Last week I was really busy and barely had time to surf plus I was in pain so the blogging was a little light, but I anticipate a few more off the wall obersvations before the week is over.

In addition the Truth Laid Bear redid his rankings and I became a lowly insect again. I had worked my way up to a slithering reptile and was looking forward to becoming warmblooded.

Wonder what I did to offend the blogging poobahs? And what do I do to appease them? This inquiring mind would like to know.

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